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What is STORIES?

STORIES is a groundbreaking social media platform that is centered around privacy. The entire platform has been developed from the ground up with privacy in mind.

  • Everything is end to end encrypted.

  • No Data-Mining

  • Forget targeted advertising because there's no advertising at all.

  • Everything is private by default, which means nobody can access or view your account without your permission.

We're able to achieve all of these things because of the unique approach taken, such as

  • Mobile-First Design

  • Realtime Updates

  • Clean Card-Based User Interface

  • Easy Creating and Sharing Tools

  • Offline Caching

  • Separate Creator-Focused App

    • Exclusive Partnership Opportunities​ that scale with Followers

    • Native Insights Access

At STORIES, we believe everyone has their own story to tell. Not only that, we believe that everyone's story is theirs, and theirs alone to share. We don't think that these stories should be parsed for as much information as they can to sell you other things. We believe that privacy is a right that everyone should have access to. That's why we created STORIES. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more and more about our vision for social media and what that means for you. 

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