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Batting Practice Poster 1 First Look.png

Batting Practice is short film about a young girl who gets one last day to spend with her father before he goes on the run from the law.

Written and Directed by Jermaine Henry, this story is a powerful one exploring deep themes, while also remaining light. This is an idea that has been on Henry's mind for so long, and that deep marination has only helped Henry develop the story more. 

This short film is expected to release in 2020. Production has already started. We can't wait to show the world more of what we're doing, but for right now, enjoy the first look poster of Batting Practice, a Per4Mance Productions Short Film.

Poster 2.png

SNOW is TV show about a rowdy, semi-corrupt cop going up against politicians in a small town.

Coming in 2020, this show will be one of the flagship media productions, just like Batting Practice. With deep characters and an amazing storyline, there's so much to show, but for now, here is not only the first poster, but also a motion poster.

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